Amazon DVA-C01 Exam Dumps

Amazon DVA-C01 Exam Dumps

AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

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Update Date : February 12, 2024
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Amazon DVA-C01 Sample Question Answers

Amazon DVA-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer has created a Java application that makes HTTP requests directly to AWS services. Application logging shows 5xx HTTP response codes that occ irregular intervals. The errors are affecting users. How should the developer update the application to improve the application's resiliency?

A. Revise the request content in the application code. 
B. Use the AWS SDK for Java to interact with AWS APIs. 
C. Scale out the application so that more instances of the application are running. 
D. Add additional logging to the application code. 

Question # 2

A developer has an Amazon DynamoDB table that must be in provisioned mode to comply with user requirements. The application needs to support the following: • Average item size: 10 KB • Item reads each second: 10 strongly consistent • Item writes each second: 2 transactional Which read and write capacity cost-effectively meets these requirements? 

A. Read 10; write 2 
B. Read 30; write 40 
C. Use on-demand scaling
 D. Read 300; write 400 

Question # 3

A company is using an Amazon API Gateway REST API endpoint as a webhook lo publish events from an on-premises source control management (SCM) system to Amazon EventBridge. The company has configured an EventBridge rule to listen for the events and to control application deployment m a central AWS account. The company needs to receive the same events across multiple receiver AWS accounts How can a developer meet these requirements without changing the configuration of the SCM system? 

A. Deploy the API Gateway REST API to all the required AWS accounts. Use the same custom domain name for all the gateway endpoints so that a single SCM webhook can be used for all events from all accounts. 
B. Deploy the API Gateway REST API to all the receiver AWS accounts Create as many SCM webhooks as the number of AWS accounts. 
C. Grant permission to the central AWS account for EventBridge to access the receiver AWS accounts. Add an EventBridge event bus on the receiver AWS accounts as the targets to the existing EventBridge rule 
D. Convert the API Gateway type from REST API to HTTP API 

Question # 4

A developer is creating an AWS CloudFormation template to deploy Amazon EC2 instances across multiple AWS accounts. The developer must choose the EC2 instances from a list of approved instance types. How can the developer incorporate the list of approved instance types in the CloudFormation template?

 A. Create a separate CloudFormation template for each EC2 instance type in the list 
B. In the Resources section of the CloudFormation template, create resources for each EC2 instance type in the list. 
C. In the CloudFormation template, create a separate parameter for each EC2 instance type in the list. 
D. In the CloudFormation template, create a parameter with the list of EC2 instance types as AllowedValues 

Question # 5

A data-processing application includes an AWS Lambda function that processes data in several steps. Recently, the function has been reaching the Lambda tii A developer wants to use AWS X-Ray to find out how long each step is taking so that the developer can determine which step is causing the timeout. Which combination of actions should the developer take to accomplish this goal? (Select TWO.) 

A. Modify the application to call the PutMetricData API operation after each processing step. Include the time taken in milliseconds. 
B. Use the aws lambda update-function-configuration AWS CLI command to enable active tracing on the Lambda function. 
C. Modify the application to record each processing step in an X-Ray subsegment by using the X-Ray software development kit (SDK). 
D. Add the xray:PutTraceSegments permission and the xray:PutTelemetryRecords permission to the Lambda function's execution role. 
E. Modify the application to put each processing step in a separate Lambda layer. Include all the layers in the Lambda function. 

Question # 6

A developer is migrating a Windows-based legacy application from on premises to AWS. The application will run on Amazon EC2 instances that run Amazon Linux. The application stores a large number of files in an NFS drive. The migration solution must minimize downtime and application code changes. Which solution should the developer use to migrate the application data? 

A. Create an Amazon S3 bucket. Use the s3 sync command to upload the files to the S3 bucket. 
B. Create an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon E8S) volume. Upload the files to the volume. Attach the volume to the EC2 instances. 
C. Create an Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file system. Use AWS DataSync to transfer the files to Amazon EFS. 
D. Create an Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file system. Mount the EFS file system from the legacy application. Copy the files to the EFS mount. 

Question # 7

A developer is writing a web application that allows users to sign in. The application will run on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances will run in an Auto Scaling group across multiple Availability Zones. How can the developer ensure that users stay signed in when the Auto Scaling group is scaled down? 

A. Enable sticky sessions on the ALB target group. 
B. Create an Amazon DynamoDB table. Configure the application to use the DynamoDB table to store session state such as login status. 
C. Create an Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volume. Use EBS Multi-Attach to attach the volume to all instances in the Auto Scaling group. Configure the application to use the volume to store session state such as login status. 
D. Enable deregistration delay on the ALB target group. 

Question # 8

A company is migrating a legacy application to a serverless application on AWS. The legacy application consists of a set of web services that are exposed by a Amazon API Gateway API. A developer needs to replace the existing implementation of web services with AWS Lambda functions. The developer needs to test new version of the" API that uses the functions in production. The developer must minimize the impact of the testing on the application's users. Which solution will meet these requirements? 

A. Create a beta stage for the new version of the API. Send the updated endpoint to the users. 
B. Create a development stage for the new version of the API. Use a canary deployment. 
C. Create a development stage for the new version of the API. Promote a canary release. 
D. Create a deployment stage. Enable mutual TLS for the new version of the API. 

Question # 9

A company has a serverless application that uses AWS Lambda functions and AWS Systems Manager parameters to store configuration data. The company moves the Lambda functions inside the VPC and into private subnets. The Lambda functions are now producing errors in their attempts to access Systems Manager parameters. Which solution will allow the Lambda functions to access Systems Manager parameters inside the VPC?

 A. Configure security groups to allow access lo Systems Manager. 
B. Create an interface VPC endpoint for Systems Manager. 
C. Use an internet gateway from inside the VPC. 
D. Create a gateway VPC endpoint for Systems Manager.

Question # 10

A company is building an application for stock trading. The application needs submillisecond latency for processing trade requests. The company uses Amazon DynamoDB to store all the trading data that is used to process each trading request A development team performs load testing on the application and finds that the data retrieval time is higher than expected. The development team needs a solution that reduces the data retrieval time with the least possible effort. Which solution meets these requirements?

 A. Add local secondary indexes (LSIs) for the trading data 
B. Store the trading data in Amazon S3, and use S3 Transfer Acceleration. 
C. Add retries with exponential backoff for DynamoDB queries. 
D. Use DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) to cache the trading data