The-Open-Group OG0-091 Exam Dumps

The-Open-Group OG0-091 Exam Dumps

TOGAF 9 Part 1

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Update Date : July 15, 2024
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The-Open-Group OG0-091 Sample Question Answers

The-Open-Group OG0-091 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Complete the sentence. The TOGAF risk categorization after the implementation of mitigating actions is known as the level of risk.

A. Critical
B. Initial
C. Intermediate
D. Residual
E. Unmitigated

Question # 2

Which ADM phase provides architectural oversight of the implementation?

A. Preliminary Phase
B. Phase A
C. Phase E
D. Phase G
E. Phase H

Question # 3

Which one of the following best describes the next step in an Architecture Compliance Review once the scope of the review has been determined?

A. Interview the project principals to obtain background information
B. Prepare the Architecture Compliance Review report
C. Schedule the Architecture Review meeting
D. Send the assessment report to the Architecture Review co-ordinator
E. Tailor the checklists to address business requirements

Question # 4

Complete the sentence. The Architecture Landscape is divided into three levels, Strategic, Segment and ____________.

A. Baseline
B. Capability
C. Solution
D. Target
E. Transition

Question # 5

Which of the following is a responsibility of an Architecture Board?

A. Allocating resources for architecture projects
B. Creating the Statement of Architecture Work
C. Enforcement of architecture compliance
D. Determining the scope of an architecture compliance review
E. Conducting assessments of the maturity level of architecture discipline within the organization

Question # 6

Which section of the TOGAF document contains a structured metamodel for architectural artifacts?

A. Part II: Architecture Development Method
B. Part III: ADM Guidelines and Techniques
C. Part IV: Architecture Content Framework
D. Part VI: TOGAF Reference Models
E. Part VII: Architecture Capability Framework

Question # 7

According to TOGAF, Which of the following best describes the purpose of an Architecture Definition Document?

A. To act as a deliverable container for artifacts created during a project
B. To ensure that architecture information is communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time
C. To govern the architecture throughout its implementation process
D. To provide a high-level view of the end architecture product
E. To show progression of change from the Baseline Architecture to the Target Architecture

Question # 8

Which of the following is described by the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework as a type of artifact that shows relationships between things?

A. Building Block
B. Catalog
C. Diagram
D. Matrix
E. Deliverable

Question # 9

Which one of the following best describes the purpose of a Change Request?

A. To act as a deliverable container for artifacts created during a project
B. To ensure that the results of a Compliance Assessment are distributed to the Architecture Board
C. To request a dispensation or to kick-start a further cycle of architecture work
D. The ensure that information is communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time
E. To review project progress and ensure the implementation is inline with the objectives

Question # 10

According to TOGAF, Which of the following is the reason why Business Architecture is recommended to be first architecture developed?

A. It contains a high level description of the business strategy for the organization
B. It is the key document describing how the new architecture capability will meet the business goals
C. It provides prerequisite knowledge for undertaking work in the other architecture domains
D. It mobilizes operations to support the ongoing business architecture development

Question # 11

Complete the sentence. In the Preliminary Phase, all of the following are part of preparing the organization to undertake successful enterprise architecture, except __________.

A. defining architecture principles
B. defining relationships between management frameworks
C. defining the enterprise
D. evaluating the enterprise architecture maturity
E. identifying stakeholders and their concerns

Question # 12

Complete the sentence. A gap analysis will enable the architect to do all of the following except _____.

A. identify building blocks that have been inadvertently omitted
B. identify building blocks that have been intentionally eliminated
C. identify building blocks to be carried over
D. identify new building blocks that are needed
E. identify potential vendors to provide new building blocks

Question # 13

Complete the sentence. TOGAF describes the role of an Architecture Contract as_______.

A. an agreement between development partners and sponsors on the architecture deliverables
B. a plan to ensure that architecture information is communicated to the right stakeholders at the right time
C. a set of general rules and guidelines to support development of the enterprise architecture
D. a timeline showing progression from the Baseline Architecture to the Target Architecture

Question # 14

Which of the following best describes the TOGAF classification in Phase H for a re-architecting change?

A. A change driven by a requirement to derive additional value from the existing investment
B. A change driven by a requirement to increase investment in order to create new value for exploitation
C. A change driven by a requirement to reduce costs
D. A change driven by a requirement to reduce investment
E. A change driven by a requirement to re-align with the business strategy

Question # 15

Complete the sentence. TOGAF 9 Part III provides a set of resources that can be used to adapt and modify the ____________.

A. Architecture Capability
B. Architecture Development Method
C. Architecture Landscape
D. Architecture Repository
E. Enterprise Continuum

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