Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Exam Dumps

Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Exam Dumps

Acquia Certified Site Builder - Drupal 8

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Sample Question Answers

Acquia Acquia-Certified-Site-Builder-D8 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A "Case Study" content type includes an entity reference field "field_related_product," toassociate each Case Study with a "Product" node You are asked to add a sidebar block tothe Product node display that shows a list of related case studiesHow can you build this functionality?

A. Add "field_related_product" to the Product content type and use css to display the fieldin the sidebar region
B. Add *ne "show related content" block to the Product nodes display Set it to include onlynodes of type "Case Study."
C. Create a view of Product nodes, with a relationship to field_related_product, and add thetitle field using the relationship Add the block to the Product nodes display
D. Create a View of Case Study nodes, with a relationship to content referenced fromfield_related_product, and a contextual filter by ID using the relationship, set to use"Content ID from URL." Add the block to the Product nodes display

Question # 2

Your content team has added several new "Landing page" nodes, set to "Draft" becausethey need to be reviewed How canyour review team find the Landing pages that need to bereviewed"?

A. Have the content team tag Landing pages that are ready for review with the taxonomyterm "Draft"
B. Set a permission to allow content team members to view all nodes set to "Draft"
C. Goto the Content page and click-sort by Moderation state, then by Content type.
D. Go to the Content page Filter by Content type = "Landing page" and Moderation state ="Draft"

Question # 3

You manage twosites A public site ("'Prod"), which is live to the world, and a developmentsite ("Dev"), for building new features and testing updates. Dev is a clone of ProdYou have created a new content type, fields and View on Dev After testing and ensuringthat everything is working correctly on Dev, you would like to deploy these changes to ProdHow will you do this using only Drupal core modules'?

A. On Dev, go to the Configuration section of your content type admin interface Export thecontent type configuration. Repeat for fields and Views On Prod, import your content typearchive into the content type Configuration section Repeat for fields and Views.
B. You must use a contributed module such as Features to import and exportconfigurations between two sites.
C. On Dev, go to the Configuration synchronization interface Export an archive of the fullsite configuration Go to Configuration synchronization on Prod Upload your site archiveClick "Import all."
D. To minimize data loss, it is best to recreate the stepsmanually on Prod that you used tosetup the content type, fields, and View on Dev

Question # 4

You have created a new "BasicPage" node with a title and a body field. Your site isconfigured to use Drupal 8's core search Searching for a phrase used in your new page isnot returned in search results. Search is otherwise working correctly.Why is your page not appearing in the search results?

A. Drupal core search does not work very well, and you should use a contributed modulefor search instead
B. Cron has not run since you added the page, so Drupal has not indexed the new pageyet.
C. The core search module must be configured torecognize the search term
D. You did not check the "Add to search index" checkbox when creating your page

Question # 5

Your site review team reports that the new Product pages look good, buttakes a long timeto load.What are two possible causes? Choose 2 answers

A. images are being loaded without using Image styles to load correctly sized versions
B. Internal Dynamic Page Cache is installed, but the reviewers are testing while logged in
C. The permission "View cached pages" is not set for Anonymous users.
D. The Performance setting for Caching is set to "no caching."

Question # 6

White reviewing an article node, you notice that the linked text for one of its assignedcategories is misspelled.How will you fix the spelling of the category? Choose 2 answers

A. Go to theTaxonomy admin page. In the "Categories" row, choose "List terms." Find therow for the misspelled category, click its "Edit" button, and correct the spelling.
B. Click the node's "Edit" tab. Find the categories text field and adjust the spelling.
C. Goto the Menus admin page. In the "Categories" row: choose "Edit menu" Find the rowfor the misspelled category, click its "Edit" button, and correct the spelling.
D. Click the category link to be taken to the category detail page. Click the "Edit" tab andcorrect the spelling.

Question # 7

You have migrated an existing website to Drupal by only using core features. The client isnow reporting a tremendous decrease of the SEO rank because of missing SEO metadataon all pages.What can you do to get metadata into your newDrupal site?

A. Install the Drupal SEO Checklist module to enable on-page Drupal search engineoptimization
B. Install the Metatag module from Drupal org to provide control for meta tags on all pages
C. Extend your content types with additional metadata fields e.g. meta keywords, metadescription provided by Drupal core.
D. Go to "Configuration" and modify "basic site settings" to display meta information

Question # 8

A Drupal corporate website allows editors to self-register with additional administratorapproval However, Robots are creating a lot of user accounts and administrators are notable to keep up with theapproval processHow can we eliminate fake user registration'?

A. Enable the Drupal core captcha field on the user registration form
B. Hide user login by disabling the login block and/ or move the login page
C. Configure new user accounts to"require email verification when a visitor creates anaccount."
D. Change who can register accounts to "Administrators only"

Question # 9

Your Drupal site contains a contact form for anonymous users, with the following fields:subject (text plain), name (text plain), email (Email), message (text long), attachment (file)All fields are without any restrictions and none is mandatory to send the formWhat is the potential security threat with this form1?

A. There are no issues with this form
B. Anonymous users should not have access to forms.
C. Anonymous users can upload corrupted or virus-infected files to your server
D. Putting a very long text into the message field, may timeout the form submit and openup options for DDoS attacks

Question # 10

You have installed a custom theme for yourwebsite, and you notice the theme displays aDruplicon as the logo in the upper left corner As much as you love Drupal, you would like toremove this logo ankdisplay your company's logo insteadHow would you do this in the Drupal admin interface? Choose 2answers

A. Go to Appearance > Settings and upload your new logo
B. Create a custom block. Include your logo in the block and place it in the appropriateregion Uncheck the "Use the logo supplied by the theme" option.
C. This cannot be accomplished throughthe admin interface You must update the theme incode
D. Use a contributed module to inject CSS to hide the Druplicon and display your logoinstead

Question # 11

You've downloaded a new contributed module from drupal org and added its code to yoursite's codebase However, its functionality is not yet available on the site.What remaining steps might you need to take to get this module working? Choose 2answers

A. Verify that the module's code is in the correct location in the codebase
B. Log in as an administrator and visit /admin/install/module-name to finishthe installation.
C. Contact the module maintainer to get your site authorized to use the module
D. Enable the module from the "Extend" page in the site's administrative user interface

Question # 12

You had installed a contributed module on your website, but your site no longer needs it Noother modules have dependencies on this module.How can you safely uninstall the module?

A. You can only disable modules, not uninstall them
B. Delete the module from the codebase
C. Uninstall the module on the Extend > Uninstall interface.
D. Delete the module from the database

Question # 13

Yourcompany's website uses the core Bartik theme The site was installed using the"Standard" installation profile The company's brand colors had been blue and white and thesite's color scheme reflected this However, the brand colors recently changed to orangesand red.In the Drupal admin interface, how can you remove the blue and white branding in thetheme and change to orange and red?

A. Go to Appearance > Bartik settings Remove the blue and white color options and put inorange and red instead
B. In thebody fields of your nodes, use the WYSIWYG editor to make all headings orangeand red
C. You cannot change color schemes through the Drupal Ul. This must be done in code aspart of the theme
D. You cannot change Bartik's color scheme Carefully choose photos making ample use oforange and red to offset the blue and white in the theme

Question # 14

You are building a recipe site in which users submit their favorite recipes as nodes, taggedwith common ingredients from a carefully curated taxonomy vocabulary. You've beenasked to create a page on which site visitors can select the ingredients they have on handand view all the site's recipes that use those ingredients. You've already created a viewlisting all Recipe nodesHow can you modify the view to support filtering by ingredient?

A. Create a filter using the Recipe content type's "Ingredients" field Expose the filter tousers, making sure it allows multiple selections
B. For each ingredient, create a separate view display with a contextual filter to limit resultsby that ingredient
C. Include a "Combine fields" filter that searches all fields for the ingredient name(s) theuser enters.
D. Add a menu block listing all ingredients Each item in the menu block should link to asubdirectory URL associated with the listed ingredient

Question # 15

You've been asked to add several new fields and a view for the news area of a site with avery busy comments section The QA team wants to review your work in staging beforerolling everything out to production all at once.How can you meet these requirements without interfering with the production site'scomment activity or having to create the new functionality independently in bothenvironments?

A. Create the fields and view in a development copy of the site. Export the siteconfiguration to code Push that code to the staging environment and import the siteconfiguration there Once QA is satisfied, repeat the process in production.
B. Create the fields and view in a fresh installation of Drupal core Export the siteconfiguration into your site's existing codebase, push the code to the staging environment,and import the site configuration there Once QA is satisfied, repeat the process inproduction.
C. Configuration created in the staging environment is automatically available to theproduction environment since they share a database
D. Copy the production database into the staging environment Create the fields and viewthere Once QA is satisfied, copy the staging database into the production environment.

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