Cisco 200-301 Exam Dumps

Cisco 200-301 Exam Dumps

Cisco Certified Network Associate

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Cisco 200-301 Sample Question Answers

Cisco 200-301 Sample Questions

Question # 1

 Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the learned prefixes from the left onto the subnet masks on the right Refer to the exhibit. Drag and drop the learned prefixes from the left onto the subnet masks on the right 

Question # 2

Which benefit does Cisco ONA Center provide over traditional campus management? 

A. Cisco DNA Center leverages SNMPv3 tor encrypted management, and traditional campus management uses SNMPv2. 
B. Cisco DNA Center automates HTTPS for secure web access, and traditional campus management uses HTTP. 
C. Cisco DNA Center leverages APIs, and traditional campus management requires manual data gathering.
D. Cisco DNA Center automates SSH access for encrypted entry, and SSH Is absent from traditional campus management. 

Question # 3

What is the primary purpose of a console port on a Cisco WLC? 

A. In-band management via an asynchronous transport  
B. out-of-band management via an IP transport  
C. in-band management via an IP transport  
D. out-of-band management via an asynchronous transport  

Question # 4

What is the primary purpose of private address space? 

A. conserve globally unique address space  
B. simplify the addressing in the network  
C. limit the number of nodes reachable via the Internet  
D. reduce network complexity  

Question # 5

What is a characteristics of a collapsed-core network topology? 

A. It allows the core and distribution layers to run as a single combined layer.  
B. It enables the core and access layers to connect to one logical distribution device over an EtherChannel. 
C. It enables all workstations in a SOHO environment to connect on a single switch with internet access. 
D. It allows wireless devices to connect directly to the core layer, which enables faster data transmission. 

Question # 6

A WLC sends alarms about a rogue AP, and the network administrator verifies that the alarms are caused by a legitimate autonomous AP.

A. Place the AP into manual containment.  
B. Remove the AP from WLC management.  
C. Manually remove the AP from Pending state.  
D. Set the AP Class Type to Friendly.  

Question # 7

What is a similarity OM3 and OM4 fiber optical cable? 

A. Both have a 62.5 micron core diameter.  
B. Both have a 50 micron core diameter.  
C. Both have a 100 micron core diameter.  
D. Both have a 9 micron core diameter.  

Question # 8

What is an advantage of using auto mode versus static mode for power allocation when an access point is connected to a PoE switch port?

A. All four pairs of the cable are used  
B. It detects the device is a powered device  
C. The default level is used for the access point  
D. Power policing is enabled at the same time  

Question # 9

A network engineer is implementing a corporate SSID for WPA3-Personal security with a PSK. Which encryption cipher must be configured?

A. GCMP2S6  
B. GCMP128  
C. CCMP256  
D. CCMP128  

Question # 10

Which channel-group mode must be configured when multiple distribution interfaces connected to a WLC are bundled?

A. Channel-group mode passive.  
B. Channel-group mode on.  
C. Channel-group mode desirable.  
D. Channel-group mode active.