Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Cisco 350-501 Exam Dumps

Implementing and Operating Cisco Service Provider Network Core Technologies (350-501 SPCOR)

Total Questions : 370
Update Date : February 12, 2024
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Cisco 350-501 Sample Question Answers

Cisco 350-501 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer working for a private telecommunication company with an employee id:3414:81:713 is implementing this network, in which:Routers R1A and R1B are eBGP neighbors.iBGP is configured within AS 65515 and AS 65516.Network is shared with AS 65516.Router R3A has an iBGP relationship with router R2A only.Router R2A has an iBGP relationship with routers R1A and R3A.Which additional task must the engineer perform to complete the configuration?

A. Configure router R2A to use the next-hop-self attribute when advertising the learned route to router R1A.  
B. Configure router R3A to redistribute route into the configured IGP to advertise the prefix to router R1A.  
C. Configure router R2A as a route reflector to advertise the iBGP learned prefix from router R3A to R1A.  
D. Configure router R1A with a static route to that is redistributed into BGP.   

Question # 2

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer configured R6 as the headend LSR of an RSVP-TE LSP to router XR2, with the dynamic path signaled as R6-R2-R5-XR2. and set the OSPF cost of all links to 1. MPLS autotunnel backup Is enabled on all routers to protect the LSP. Which two NNHOP backup tunnels should the engineer use to complete the implementation? (Choose two.)

A. The R6 backup tunnel path R6-R1-R4-R5.   
B. The R2 backup tunnel path R2-R5 across the alternate link.   
C. The R2 backup tunnel path R2-R1-R4-XR1-XR2.   
D. The R6 backup tunnel path R6-R2-R5   
E. The R6 backup tunnel path R6-R1-R2.   

Question # 3

The engineering team wants to limit control traffic on router RX with the following IP address assignments:• Accepted traffic for router:• NOC users IP allocation: additional configuration must be applied to RX to apply the policy for MSDP?

A. RX(config)#access-list 151 permit tcp any gt 1024 eq 639 RX(config)#access-list 151 permit tcp any eq 639 gt 1024 established   
B. RX(config)#access-list 150 permit tcp any gt 1024 eq 639RX(config)#access-list 150 permit tcp any eq 639 gt 1024 established  
C.   RX(config)#access-list 151 permit tcp any eq 639RX(config)#access-list 151 permit udp any eq 639
D. RX(config)#access-list 150 permit tcp any eq 639RX(config)#access-list 150 permit udp any eq 639  

Question # 4

Refer to the exhibit. Users in AS 65010 are connected with the application server in AS 65050 with theserequirements:AS 65010 users are experiencing latency and congestion to connect with application server 65030 must be restricted to become Transient Autonomous System for traffic flow.Links connected to AS 65020 and AS 65040 are underutilized and must be used efficiently for traffic.Which two configurations must be implemented to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Apply the AS-Path route-map policy for traffic received from R3.   
B. Configure the route map to prepend the AS-Path attribute for R5-R3 BGP peering.   
C. Apply the MED route-map policy for traffic received from R4.   
D. Configure a higher Local preference for R5-R4 BGP peering.  
E. Configure the route map to set the MED 50 attribute for R5-R4 BGP peering.   

Question # 5

Refer to the exhibit. Tier 2 ISP A on AS 653 is connected to two Tier 1 ISPs on AS 321 and AS 51 respectively. The network architect at ISP A is planning traffic flow inside the network to provide predictable network services. Cisco Express Forwarding is disabled on the edge router. How should the architect implement BGP to direct all traffic via the Tier 1 ISP with next-hop 

A. Implement the BGP routing protocol and run the bgp deterministic-med command.   
B. Implement MP-BGP with a 4-byte AS number with the bgp best path compare-routerid command.   
C. Implement the BGP routing protocol and the maximum-paths 2 configuration.   
D.   Implement BGP route-reflector functionality with the bgp always-compare-med configuration.

Question # 6

FRR is configured on a network. What occurs when the headend router on the path is alerted to a link failure over IGP?

A. LSP attempts fast switching on the backup path until the primary path returns to the active state.   
B. The headend router uses a presignaled LSP to bypass the failure point.   
C. A new backup tunnel is established past the PLR to pass through the protected nodes   
D. Backup tunnel is established and intersects with the primary tunnel at the headend.   

Question # 7

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer observed congestion between routers R1 and R4, which areconnected on a point-to-point link. Two servers that reside on networks on R1 and R4 generate heavy trafficbetween them with most traffic going from R4 to R1. To improve overall performance, the engineer wants todrop inbound packets that exceed a configured threshold, without disrupting traffic that passes from R4 to R3.Which action must the engineer take to resolve the issue?

A. Implement traffic policing to drop packets that exceed the given threshold.   
B. Implement FIFO to queue excess traffic for transmission when bandwidth is available.   
C. Implement traffic shaping to drop excess packets.   
D. Implement a service policy in the outbound direction on each interface on the link to tag traffic exiting each router.   

Question # 8

Refer to the exhibit. A network support engineer for ASN 65502 receives a technical support ticket from acustomer in ASN 65503 who reports that an eBGP session is down. The engineer determines that the peeringfailed after a recent change to the device at EDGE-GW-1 must establish an eBGP session withthe peering router Which configuration establishes this session?

A. configure terminalno router bgp 65502router bgp 65503neighbor remote-as 65503  address-family ipv4neighbor activateend
B.   configure terminalrouter bgp 65502address-family ipv4neighbor activateend
C.   configure terminalno router bgp 65502router bgp 65503neighbor remote-as 65123address-family ipv4neighbor activateend
D. configure terminalrouter bgp 65502no neighbor remote-as 65503neighbor remote-as 65123address-family ipv4neighbor activateend  

Question # 9

The service provider is serving hosts with two different multicast streams from source X and source Y. SourceX is multicast group, and source Y is multicast group Multicast source X should sendits stream through bidirectional RP address, and multicast source Y should send its stream through RP address Which configuration meets these requirements?

A. Enable ip pim ssm default on RA and RB.   
B. Add ip pim bidir-enable in global mode on RB.   
C. Permit the source X and source Y IP addresses in the access list on RB.   
D. Set PIM sparse mode with a static RP address of on RA and RC.   

Question # 10

Refer to the exhibit an engineer working for a private telecommunication company with an employee Id:4065:96:080 upgrades the WAN link between routers ASBR-101 and ASBR-201 to 1Gb by Installing a newphysical connection between the Gi3 Interfaces. Which BGP attribute must the engineer configure onASBR-201 so that the existing WAN link on Gi2 Is maintained as a backup?

A. Option A   
B. Option B   
C. Option C   
D. Option D