CompTIA PT0-001 Exam Dumps

CompTIA PT0-001 Exam Dumps

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CompTIA PT0-001 Sample Question Answers

CompTIA PT0-001 Sample Questions

Question # 1

When negotiating a penetration testing contract with a prospective client, which of thefollowing disclaimersshould be included in order to mitigate liability in case of a future breach of the client’ssystems?

A. The proposed mitigations and remediations in the final report do not include a costbenefit analysis. 
B. The NDA protects the consulting firm from future liabilities in the event of a breach. 
C. The assessment reviewed the cyber key terrain and most critical assets of the client’snetwork. 
D. The penetration test is based on the state of the system and its configuration at the timeof assessment. 

Question # 2

Which of the following tools would a penetration tester leverage to conduct OSINT? (SelectTWO).

A. Shodan 
C. BeEF 
D. Wireshark 
E. Maltego 
F. Dynamo 

Question # 3

Which of the following tools is used to perform a credential brute force attack?

A. Hydra 
B. John the Ripper 
C. Hashcat 
D. Peach 

Question # 4

A penetration tester used an ASP.NET web shell to gain access to a web application,which allowed the testerto pivot in the corporate network. Which of the following is the MOST important follow-upactivity to completeafter the tester delivers the report?

A. Removing shells 
B. Obtaining client acceptance 
C. Removing tester-created credentials 
D. Documenting lessons learned 
E. Presenting attestation of findings 

Question # 5

A penetration tester is assessing the security of a web form for a client and enters “;id” inone of the fields.The penetration tester observes the following response: Based on the response, which of the following vulnerabilities exists?

A. SQL injection 
B. Session hijacking 
C. Command injection 

Question # 6

A penetration tester has successfully exploited a Windows host with low privileges andfound directories with the following permissions: Which of the following should be performed to escalate the privileges?

A. Kerberoasting 
B. Retrieval of the SAM database 
C. Migration of the shell to another process 
D. Writable services 

Question # 7

A client needs to be PCI compliant and has external-facing web servers. Which of the following CVSSvulnerability scores would automatically bring the client out of compliance standards such as PCI 3.x?

A. 2.9 
B. 3.0 
C. 4.0 
D. 5.9 

Question # 8

During an engagement an unsecure direct object reference vulnerability was discoveredthat allows the extraction of highly sensitive PII. The tester is required to extract and thenexfil the information from a web application with identifiers 1 through 1000 inclusive. Whenrunning the following script, an error is encountered: Which of the following lines of code is causing the problem?

A. url = “https://www.comptia.org?id=” 
B. req = requests.get(url) 
C. if req.status ==200: 
D. url += i 

Question # 9

During a physical security review, a detailed penetration testing report was obtained, whichwas issued to asecurity analyst and then discarded in the trash. The report contains validated critical riskexposures. Which ofthe following processes would BEST protect this information from being disclosed in thefuture?

A. Restrict access to physical copies to authorized personnel only. 
B. Ensure corporate policies include guidance on the proper handling of sensitiveinformation. 
C. Require only electronic copies of all documents to be maintained. 
D. Install surveillance cameras near all garbage disposal areas. 

Question # 10

A penetration tester needs to provide the code used to exploit a DNS server in the finalreport. In which of thefollowing parts of the report should the penetration tester place the code?

A. Executive summary 
B. Remediation 
C. Conclusion 
D. Technical summary