EMC E20-002 Exam Dumps

EMC E20-002 Exam Dumps

Cloud Infrastructure and Services Exam

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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EMC E20-002 Sample Question Answers

EMC E20-002 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which parameter uniquely identifies a switch in a SAN environment?

A. Area ID
B. Port ID
C. Domain ID

Question # 2

Which component provides the ability to power off the virtual machine?

A. Virtual Machine Console
B. Virtual Machine Monitor
C. Virtual Machine Controller
D. Virtual Machine BIOS

Question # 3

An organization runs a proprietary operating system for its custom applications. System performance has been declining at an increasing rate. They would like to leverage a Cloud solution to address their problem.Which Cloud service model would be appropriate for them?

A. Infrastructure-as-a-Service
B. Platform-as-a-Service
C. Software-as-a-Service
D. IT-as-a-Service

Question # 4

Which security measures should be adopted to prevent virtual machine (VM) theft?

A. VM copy and move restrictions
B. VM reservation
C. Mutual client isolation
D. Sandboxing of the guest OS

Question # 5

How does the VMware vShield Endpoint product streamline and accelerate anti-virus and anti-malware deployment?

A. All anti-virus and anti-malware mitigation is performed in a single place.
B. Engines and signature files can be deployed to a common share available to all clients.
C. Running detection software against client disk partitions finds infections earlier.
D. The engines and signature files are only updated within the special security virtual machine.

Question # 6

Which is a key benefit of implementing an ILM strategy?

A. Lower total cost of ownership
B. Lower recovery time
C. High performance
D. High security

Question # 7

What is a principal benefit of deploying a distributed virtual switch?

A. It maintains consistent network policies when virtual machines migrate across physical servers.
B. It aggregates both physical and virtual switches distributed across virtualized data centers.
C. It enables physical NICs to use MAC addresses for transmission of frames.
D. It eliminates the requirement of individually configuring policies to hypervisor kernel ports.

Question # 8

Which component retrieves data from disk in an Intelligent Storage System?

A. Front-end
B. Cache
D. Back-end

Question # 9

Which statement is true about a virtual machine (VM) swap file?

A. It stores the state of the VM BIOS.
B. It exists only when the VM is running.
C. It stores configuration information of VMs.
D. It is used for troubleshooting VMs.

Question # 10

What is a benefit of an Object based storage system?

A. It uses multiple object IDs for high security
B. It provides fast replication
C. It ensures data integrity
D. It enables fast backup

Question # 11

Which statement about virtual machine (VM) fault tolerance is true?

A. The secondary VM is in constant synchronization with the primary VM.
B. VM cloning occurs between dissimilar hardware.
C. It provides faster backup of VM disk files.
D. It does not use the VM file system for protection.

Question # 12

Which service management process maintains information about the attributes of Cloud infrastructure resources?

A. Service Catalog Management
B. Capacity Management
C. Service Asset and Configuration Management
D. Infrastructure Management

Question # 13

Which document defines the quality and reliability of Cloud services?

A. Regulatory Compliance Document
B. Service Charge Rate Specification
C. Service Level Agreement
D. Service Contract Agreement

Question # 14

What is the correct sequence of steps for performing cold conversion from a physical machine to a virtual machine (VM)?

A. The converter application creates a new VM on the destination physical machine.
B. The converter application copies volumes from the source machine to the destination machine.
C. Boot the source machine from the converter boot CD and use converter software to define conversion parameters.
D. The converter application installs the required drivers to allow the OS to boot from the VM and personalizes the VM.

Question # 15

Which product provides a solution for Cloud user access management?

A. VMware vCloud Director
B. VMware Service Manager
C. EMC Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager
D. EMC Ionix Cloud Manager

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