Juniper JN0-230 Exam Dumps

Juniper JN0-230 Exam Dumps

Security-Associate (JNCIA-SEC)

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Juniper JN0-230 Sample Question Answers

Juniper JN0-230 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statement is correct about IKE?

A. IKE phase 1 is used to establish the data path
B. IKE phase 1 is used to establish the data path
C. IKE phase 1 negotiates a secure channel between gateways.
D. D. IKE phase 1 establishes the tunnel between devices

Question # 2

Which type of security policy protect restricted services from running on non-standard ports? 

A. Application firewall
C. Sky ATP
D. antivirus

Question # 3

On an SRX Series device, how should you configure your IKE gateway if the remote endpoint is a branch office-using a dynamic IP address?

A. Configure the IPsec policy to use MDS authentication.
B. Configure the IKE policy to use aggressive mode.
C. Configure the IPsec policy to use aggressive mode.
D. Configure the IKE policy to use a static IP address

Question # 4

Which two match conditions would be used in both static NAT and destination NAT rule sets? (Choose two.)

A. Destination zone
B. Destination interface
C. Source interface
D. Source zone

Question # 5

Which three actions would be performed on traffic traversing an IPsec VPAN? (Choose three.) 

A. Port forwarding
B. Authentication
C. Encryption
D. Deep inspection
E. Payload verification

Question # 6

What are two characteristic of static NAT SRX Series devices? (Choose two.) 

A. Source and destination NAT rules take precedence over static NAT rules.
B. A reverse mapping rule is automatically created for the source translation.
C. Static NAT rule take precedence over source and destination NAT rules.
D. Static rules cannot coexist with destination NAT rules on the same SRX Series device configuration.

Question # 7

You have created a zones-based security policy that permits traffic to a specific webserver for the marketing team. Other groups in the company are not permitted to access the webserver. When marketing users attemptto access the server they are unable to do so. What are two reasons for this access failure? (Choose two.)

A. You failed to change the source zone to include any source zone.
B. You failed to position the policy after the policy that denies access to the webserver.
C. You failed to commit the policy change.
D. You failed to position the policy before the policy that denies access the webserver

Question # 8

Your company uses SRX Series devices to secure the edge of the network. You are asked protect the companyfrom ransom ware attacks.Which solution will satisfy this requirement?

A. Sky ATP
B. AppSecure
C. Unified security policies
D. screens

Question # 9

Users in your network are downloading files with file extensions that you consider to be unsafe for your network. You must prevent files with specific file extensions from entering your network. Which UTM feature should be enable on an SRX Series device to accomplish this task? 

A. Content filtering
B. Web filtering
C. Antispam
D. URL filtering

Question # 10

On an SRX device, you want to regulate traffic base on network segments. In this scenario, what do you configure to accomplish this task?

A. Screens
B. Zones

Question # 11

Which two notifications are available when the antivirus engine detects and infected file? (Choose two.) 

A. e-mail notifications
B. SNMP notifications
C. SMS notifications
D. Protocol-only notification

Question # 12

The free licensing model for Sky ATP includes which features? (Choose two.) 

A. C & C feeds
B. Infected host blocking
C. Executable file inspection
D. Compromised endpoint dashboard

Question # 13

A new SRX Series device has been delivered to your location. The device has the factory-default configurationloaded. You have powered on the device and connected to the console port.What would you use to log into the device to begin the initial configuration?

A. Root with a password of juniper’’
B. Root with no password
C. Admin with password
D. Admin with a password ‘’juniper’’

Question # 14

Your company has been assigned one public IP address. You want to enable internet traffic to reach multipleservers in your DMZ that are configured with private address.In this scenario, which type of NAT would be used to accomplish this tasks?

A. Static NAT
B. Destination NAT
C. Source NAT
D. NAT without PAT

Question # 15

Which Statement is correct about Sky ATP? 

A. The local Sky ATP platform downloads the latest threat from managed site
B. Sky ATP can provide live threat feeds to SRX series devices
C. Sky ATP is a local hardware-based security threat analyzer that performs multiple tasks.
D. Sky ATP relies on the SRX series device to open and analyze suspect file attachments

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