Nutanix NCA-5.15 Exam Dumps

Nutanix NCA-5.15 Exam Dumps

Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) 5.15 Exam

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Nutanix NCA-5.15 Sample Question Answers

Nutanix NCA-5.15 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer requests that a VM connects to a block device from an older ISCSI disk array, in order to support an application being transitioned to Nutanix.What should the Nutanix administrator do to complete this task?

A. Use Flits to map a network drive letter. 
B. Add the VM to the whitelist to allow it to access the block device. 
C. Use Volumes to add the device as a drive letter. 
D. Add the array to the whitelist to access the storage container directly. 

Question # 2

An administrator wants a VM to communicate with two separate VLANs. What steps should the administrator complete?

A. Add two NICs to the VM and configure one for each VLAN 
B. Add a single NIC to the VM and configure it for both VLANs 
C. Turn on IPAM for autoconfiguration of VLANs 
D. Configure a Security Policy to assign VLANs to the VM 

Question # 3

After adding a remote site cluster, an administrator must map which two entities? (Choose two.)

A. Networks 
B. Virtual Machines 
C. Consistency Groups 
D. VStores 

Question # 4

Which option allows administrators to specify groups of VMs and assign them to a destination for Disaster Recovery using Leap?

A. Security Policies 
B. Protection Policies 
C. Recovery Plans 
D. Availability Zones 

Question # 5

A new Project is being rolled out to an AHV cluster being monitored by Prism Central. The applications team indicates that the application managed by the project is very memoryintensive. The administrator wants to be notified about any memory constraints, should they occur.How would an administrator most effectively achieve this task?

A. Search for the VM, then in the Details page go to metrics and select CPU Usage. 
B. Create a new Metric chart for the duster, and analyze Hypervisor Memory Usage. 
C. Create a Report to tracking the Memory Usage. 
D. Create a new Alert Policy for Memory Usage and set to Critical after 80%. 

Question # 6

An administrator has recently added two nodes to an existing three-node vSphere-based Nutanix cluster. After adding the nodes to the cluster, the administrator tries to migrate a few VMs to the new nodes, but found that no datastore exist on these new nodes yetWhat action should the administrator take to resolve this issue?

A. Click Mount on all ESXi hosts on containers 
B. Configure iSCSl Software Adapter on hosts 
C. Configure the firewall to allow NFS datastore access 
D. Add the host IP addresses to cluster whitelists 

Question # 7

An administrator needs to group VMs by using a custom attribute. At the same time, this tag must not be used to configure other Nutanix services, such as Data Protection.Which action in Prism Central should the administrator take?

A. Create a user defined category 
B. Select VMs and create a new Label 
C. Create a new Playbook 
D. Create a new Catalog Item 

Question # 8

What is required to schedule VM snapshots?

A. Categories 
B. Consistency Group 
C. Volume Group 
D. Protection Domain 

Question # 9

What should an administrator do after a Protection Domain is migrated?

A. Register Virtual Machines 
B. Restore Virtual Machines 
C. Mount datastores on Hosts 
D. Power on Virtual Machines 

Question # 10

Which two entity types can be exported by an administrator who only has access to Prism Element? (Choose two.)

A. VM 
B. Storage 
C. Health 
D. Network 

Question # 11

An administrator wants to deploy a virtual desktop solution on a Nutanix cluster and wants to use the existing production network segment. Due to security concerns, DHCP traffic isblocked on the upstream network switch.How should the administrator proceed?

A. Enable IPAM and configure an IP Address Pool 
B. Enable Nutanix Flow 
C. Enable DHCP on the TOR Switches 
D. Install and configure third-party DHCP Software 

Question # 12

An administrator has been asked to add 200 virtual machines to their existing Nutanix cluster. Which Nutanix product will help them plan for this addition capacity?

A. Beam 
B. Prism Pro 
C. Era 
D. Calm 

Question # 13

An application vendor had provided a VHD disk for their pre-configured virtual machine. A Nutanix cluster administrator imported that VHD disk into Image Configuration, but thedisk does not list while using Clone from Image Service Before uploading the vDisk again, which two actions should the administrator perform? (Choose two.)

A. Convert VHD to QCOW before uploading 
B. Verify correct container is selected 
C. Verify the Image is as type Disk 
D. Verify the Image is Active 

Question # 14

An administrator has a physical server that provides Actr/e Directory service?. IT has been hesitant to virtualize it due to its mission critical nature.What can the administrator do to ensure that Active Directory experiences the least downtime when hosted on Nutanix?

A. Mark the VM as an Agent VM. 
B. Configure Runbook to power on the VM first. 
C. Turn off IPAM for the VM's VLAN. 
D. Turn off Live Migration for the VM. 

Question # 15

Which Nutanix concept is responsible for accommodating and remediating node failure scenarios?

A. Life cycle management 
B. Auto resolve mode 
C. Data locality 
D. Self healing 

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