Salesforce CRT-271 Exam Dumps

Salesforce CRT-271 Exam Dumps

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Salesforce CRT-271 Sample Question Answers

Salesforce CRT-271 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers launched a Lightning Customer Community that lists store locations through a custom object, Store Locations. Users searching for locations are unable to see any Store Locations records.Which three actions should the Community Cloud consultant takes to solve this issue?

A. Add an HTML component with the the link to the Store Locations Community page
B. Define the Store Locations object in the Global Search Results component
C. Add the Store Locations object pages to the Community navigation
D. Associate a tab to the Store Locations object
E. Enable read access on the user profile to the Store Locations object

Question # 2

Universal Containers wants to build a Community for all their employees. Currently, someof their employees are NOT Salesforce users. How should the Salesforce Admin enableaccess to the Community for the users who are currently NOT Salesforce users?

A. Allow the users to self -register to the Community
B. Create the users as contacts and enable them as Community users
C. Create the users in Salesforce and add their profile to the Community
D. Add the users to the Community as members

Question # 3

Universal Containers needs to build a Community for their customers. The followingsecurity requirements must be met: • Customers can access their accounts. invoices. andorders. • An account is associated to only one individual. • A few customers who act aspartners need access to individual accounts. • Customers can NOT see each Other's dataunless is explicitly granted. Which option fulfills the requirements?

A. User Customers Account. Customer Community Plus License. and sharing rules.
B. Customers Account. Customer Community License. and sharing rules.
C. User Person Account, Customers Community License. and Sharing Set.
D. User Person Account. Customers Community Plus License. and Super User access

Question # 4

Universal Containers' Community is built on the Napili template. The community letsmembers access their Account page. The project manager needs to customize the Accountrecord detail page and only show the record details.What two things should the Salesforce Admin do to perform this task in CommunityBuilder? Choose 2 answers.

A. Add a page variation to Account detail page, add the record detail component, set thepage variation as Active, and publish.
B. Edit the Account record detail page, remove the components NOT needed, and publish.
C. Make a copy of the Account detail object, remove the components NOT needed, andpublish.
D. Create a standard page, add the Account record detail component, and publish.

Question # 5

A Salesforce Admin at Universal Containers needs an efficient way to update the colourpalette in their newly created Community.What three things should the Salesforce Admin do to brand this Community usingCommunity Builder? Choose 3 answers.

A. Upload the Universal Containers logo image to create a custom color palette.
B. Choose colors for the text and border elements.
C. Adjust the colour palette from the Salesforce1 mobile app.
D. Apply a colour scheme that is appropriate for the template all at once with the colourpalette.
E. Submit a URL reference of a site where the colour palette will be matched automatically.

Question # 6

Universal Containers wants to allow customers in the Community to create and editreports. Which license type should the Salesforce Admin use for these users?

A. Customer Community Login.
B. Customer Community Member.
C. Customer Community Plus.
D. Community Manager Plus.

Question # 7

Your team has drafted and published Knowledge Articles for the Customer Community butthey are not visible to external users. What is one reason why this may be the case?

A. Knowledge Articles for Communities is not enabled
B. View Knowledge Articles has not been checked on the Community Profile
C. Knowledge Articles for Customers is not enabled
D. Customer sharing has not been checked on the Knowledge Article
E. The Articles are being viewed on unsupported mobile devices

Question # 8

Universal Containers has built Visualforce pages for the bid process with integration to theiron-premise system, and they use these pages internally. Universal Containers wants tolaunch a Community and reuse these pages for their contractors and vendors.Community members should be able to:- Search and find articles on standard operating procedures.- Submit invoices and receive status updates.- Submit bids and receive updates.How should the Salesforce Admin build this Community?

A. Build a community in the external website and integrate with Salesforce for bidprocesses and other information. 
B. Provide access to the internal Salesforce org and limit access by profiles.
C. Select the Site.com Template with the Navigation menu for invoices and bid processes.
D. Use the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template and add the tabs for differentrequirements.

Question # 9

Universal Containers needs to enable public access to a Community. How should aSalesforce Admin fulfil this requirement?Select one or more of the following:

A. Update the setting to Public Visibility for all Community pages
B. Enable "Give access to public API requests on Chatter"
C. Update the setting to "Allow access without login"
D. Enable the "Public can access the community" checkbox

Question # 10

A Salesforce Admin enables "Allow Members to Flag" in Community Management.Which two content types can member flag as inappropriate?Choose 2 answers

A. Articles
B. Files
C. Posts and Comments
D. Topics

Question # 11

What is the maximum number of keyword list criteria in Moderation Settings your Salesforce Org (not Community) can have?

A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 50
E. 40

Question # 12

Universal Containers uses Community to grant customers secure access to their accounts,orders, and invoices. All customers are on a Customer Community License. UniversalContainers needs to grant a subset of their customers, known as affiliates, access to othercustomer Accounts. How should a Salesforce Admin fulfill these requirements?

A. Leverage the Account team to grant affiliates access to the Account.
B. Use Apex without sharing to control affiliates' access to the Account.
C. Create a public group for affiliates and grant Account access using sharing rules.
D. Add a Sharing Set on the Account associated to the Affiliate profile.

Question # 13

A Community Admin is planning to add users and wants to send a welcome email for thecommunity. Which three checks must the Community Admin perform? Choose 3 answers

A. Make sure the users have their profiles established in the community
B. Make sure the community is in Published status
C. Make sure the community is in Active status
D. Set the community in preview status to review before changing it to Active status
E. Set the email check box option at the community level

Question # 14

When testing the Community, the Salesforce Admin notices that the Knowledge tab is NOTVisible to all partner Community users. What should the Salesforce Admin do to fix this problem?

A. Update the Admin profile so that the Knowledge tab is visible.
B. Add the Global Header permission set to all Community users.
C. Edit the Partner Community profile so that the Knowledge tab is visible.
D. Create a Knowledge article and make it visible to the appropriate channel.

Question # 15

As part of its recent efforts to improve brand recognition, Universal Containers hadupgraded all of its Communities to use Lightning templates. The next step will be to unifythe branding across all of these Communities. What is an efficient way to accomplish this?Select one or more of the following:

A. Use a shared Bootstrap CSS file in all of the Communities
B. Ensure that all Communities are only using standard Lighting Components
C. Create a standard theme that is used in all of the Communities
D. Ensure that all Community managers use the same CSS standards in all pages

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