Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Field Service Consultant (WI24)

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Update Date : June 05, 2024
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Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Sample Question Answers

Salesforce Field-Service-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers needs a team to perform periodic maintenance on the most complex products. Which feature should the Consultant configure to meet this requirement?

A.    Required Resource  
 B.    Preferred Resource   
C.    Service Crew   
D.    Technicians with Required Skills

Question # 2

Ursa Major Solar would like the technician who performed a customer's initial installation to also perform any subsequent service calls.   Which two actions should the field service administrator take to configure field service to ensure the installation technician is assigned to subsequent service calls?   Choose 2 answers

A.    Create a child work order for maintenance on the original installation work order.  
 B.    Add the preferred resource service objective to the scheduling policy.   
C.    Add the technician as the required resource on the service appointment.   
D.    Add the technician as a preferred resource on the account record.  

Question # 3

Which two reports should a Consultant build to track the number of parts used by a Technician during a given time period? Choose 2 answers

A.    Service Appointment inventory  
 B.    Products Consumed on Work Order Line Items   
C.    Work Order inventory   
D.    Products Consumed on Work Orders  

Question # 4

Universal Containers currently tracks its customers' entitlements to support utilizing Salesforce Service Cloud. Service calls that require a Technician to go to the customer's location require the creation of a Work Order. Once the Agent confirms that the customer and product are eligible for on-site support, a Work Order is manually created.   On which object should the Consultant define a Quick Action to create the Work Order?  

A.    Entitlement   
B.    Opportunity   
C.    Case   
D.    Contact  

Question # 5

Universal Containers wants their Technicians to create an additional visit to complete unfinished work within the Salesforce Field Service mobile application.   Which approach should a Consultant recommend to meet the requirement?  

A.    Define a Visualforce page that creates a new Service Appointment record.   
B.    Define a Quick Action that creates a new Work Order record.   
C.    Define a Quick Action that creates a new Service Appointment record.
D.    Define a Visualforce page that creates a new Work Order record.  

Question # 6

Universal Containers occasionally needs to use two Technicians to complete a job, however the Technicians can be onsite at different times.   How should a Consultant implement this process?  

A.    Create two Service Appointments and assign two different Resources.   
B.    Create one Service Appointment and add two Required Resources.   
C.    Create one Service Appointment and schedule two Resources.  
D.    Create two Service Appointments and set the Early Start to the Start Time of the first Service Appointment.  

Question # 7

Which three factors should a Consultant consider when configuring routing? Choose 3 answers

A.          Configure Schedule Policy by modifying Work Rules and Service Objectives.   
B.          Configure the Resource Availability Work Rule to calculate travel at the expense of the resource and breaks. 
C.          Default Travel Speed is used only if a different travel speed is null on the resource.   
D.          A straight line is used to compute the shortest distance between two locations if Street Level Routing is enabled. 
E.          Set Auto Schedule to True upon creation of the Service Appointment.  

Question # 8

Universal Containers has dispatchers who can set up new territories, define new schedule policies, and control settings on the Gantt chart.   In addition to Field Service Lightning Dispatcher Permissions and the Field Service Lightning Dispatcher License, which permissions should a Consultant assign to the dispatchers?  

A.    Field Service Lightning Mobile License   
B.    Field Service Lightning Admin Permissions   
C.    Field Service Lightning Scheduling License   
D.    Field Service Lightning Standard Permissions  

Question # 9

Universal Containers wants to track the work that is performed on the customer's install base. Which object relationship should the Consultant utilize to meet this requirement?

A.    Work Orders to Assets
B.    Work Orders to Products  
 C.    Products to Accounts   
D.     Assets to Products  

Question # 10

AW Computing technicians use the field service mobile application exclusively since they are always in the field. Due to frequent schedule changes, the technician should only see one job at a time on the app.   How should the field service administrator ensure this requirement is met?

A.    Instruct the dispatcher to only dispatch one work order to each technician at a time.   
B.    Set Send Appointment Notifications on Dispatch in the mobile settings to one.   
C.    Enable drip feed to dispatch one service appointment per technician at a time.   
D.    Set up auto dispatch to dispatch one work order for each technician at a time  

Question # 11

The CFO for Universal Containers wants Work Orders to remain open until the Customer Service Report is signed.   Which two configurations should a Consultant implement to prevent Work Orders from being closed? Choose 2 answers

A.    Custom Work Order Escalation Rules   
B.    Custom Approval Process on Work Orders   
C.    Custom Work Order Status   
D.    Custom Validation Rule on Work Orders  

Question # 12

AW Computing groups its technicians based on seniority. The newest techs comprise Tier 1, move to Tier 2 after a year on the job, and get assigned to Tier 3 after 3 years on the job. Resources with more seniority should be considered for a job over resources with less seniority.   How should the field service administrator ensure this corporate policy is enforced considering the Customer First scheduling policy is utilized consistently except in emergency situations?  

A.    Create a custom number field to capture the tier number on the service resource.   
B.    Create a queue for each tier group within each territory on the Service Appointment object.   
C.    Use the Priority field on the service resource assigning Tier 3 techs the lowest number and Tier 1 techs with the highest number.   
D.    Make a relevance group on the work rule to filter based on the tier number and add the rule to the policy.  

Question # 13

Universal Containers performs maintenance and repairs on Assets in the field and wants to increase first-time fix rates.   What should a Consultant include when creating a Work Order?

A.    Products Required and Estimated Duration   
B.    Products Required and Skill Requirements   
C.    Skill Requirements and Products Consumed   
D.    Estimated Duration and Sen/ice Level Agreement  

Question # 14

Dispatchers at Universal Containers want to ensure resources assigned to a Work Order have the appropriate level of expertise.   What should a Consultant implement to accomplish this requirement?

A.          Define Work Types, Define Work Order Status, Set up Resource Skills   
B.          Set up Skill Requirements, Define Work Types, Set up Routing Rules   
C.          Define Skills, Set up Skill Requirements, Set up Resource Skills   
D.          Set up Service Locations, Set up Location Skills, Define Work Types  

Question # 15

Universal Containers tracks customer issues in its call center. Sometimes a Technician is required at the customer's location to resolve the issue.   Which sequence of steps should a Consultant recommend to dispatch the Technician?

A.    Create Case, Create Service Appointment, Create Work Order, Dispatch Service Appointment.   
B.    Create Work Order, Create Case, Dispatch Work Order, Create Service Appointment.   
C.    Create Case, Create Work Order, Create Service Appointment, Dispatch Service Appointment.   
D.    Create Service Appointment, Create Work Order, Create Case, Dispatch Service Appointment.  

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