Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Exam Dumps

Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Exam Dumps

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Accredited Professional (AP) Exam

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Update Date : April 13, 2024
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Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Sample Question Answers

Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Sample Questions

Question # 1

A consultant is configuring a demo for a customer but cannot create new residential loanapplication records. What is prohibiting the consultant from creating a new residential loan application?

A. The Residential Loan Application flow was not enabled in the setup.
B. The administrator did not enable "Allow Mortgage Access" in Setup.
C. The user does not have "Mortgage User" checked in their user record.
D. The administrator did not assign the Mortgage permission set to the user.

Question # 2

What is a key step in identifying different business processes and outlining encompassingsystem flows based on the existing environment when setting up Salesforce FinancialServices Cloud (FSC)?

A. Creating a new Salesforce instance from scratch for the customer
B. Importing the customer's existing data into Salesforce FSC without any modifications
C. Implementing a generic, one-size-fits-all solution for all customers
D. Conducting a gap analysis between the customer's current processes and Salesforce FSC capabilities

Question # 3

Cumulus Bank has branches in multiple countries that are required to report in localcurrency, while the corporate headquarters office wishes to see reports in a single currency(the corporate currency).Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Set the default currency for head office and have the regions download their reports toExcel and convert them manually.
B. Use a third party from AppExchange add-on to implement currency conversions.
C. Enable multiple currencies and advanced currency management, and set a corporatecurrency for the corporate headquarters office.
D. Allow users to set their preferred currency in their profile and design reports that convertcurrencies for the user running the report.

Question # 4

Which three permission sets grant access or extend permissions for record alerts inFinancial Services Cloud (FSC)?

A. OmniStudio Admin permission set
B. FSC Standard permission set
C. FSC Foundations permission set
D. FSC Basic permission set
E. OmniStudio User permission set

Question # 5

Omni Script represents processes with fast, personalized, and consistent responses. Thistype extends the metadata type and inherits its full name field. To use the Omni Scriptmetadata type, what should the administrator enable in the Salesforce org?

A. Discovery Framework
B. Lightning Experience for Financial Services Cloud
C. Custom Domain
D. Einstein Relationship Insights

Question # 6

An investment banker is looking to take detailed meeting notes and share them easily withhis colleagues while specifying confidentiality and meeting attendees. Which FinancialServices Cloud feature should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Notes
B. Events
C. Engagement Interaction
D. Interaction Summary

Question # 7

A wealthy client owns a boutique shoe store called Smith's Shoes. Their financial advisorwould like to add this relationship to the Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to track thecomplete picture of relationships related to the wealthy client's household.Which three options should the Financial Services Cloud consultant use when mapping thisrelationship in FSC?

A. Account Account Relationship object
B. Account Contact Relationship object
C. Account object - Household record type
D. Contact object
E. Account object - Business record type

Question # 8

A Financial Services Cloud (FSC) administrator wants to create a new FSC permission set that includes the Access Interest Tags for Financial Services Cloud permission.Which two permission sets should be cloned to create this new permission set and giveaccess to interest tags?

A. FSC Foundations permission set
B. FSC Extension permission set
C. FSC Standard permission set
D. FSC Basic permission set

Question # 9

Which three types of preassembled flows can be utilized from the Financial Services Cloud(FSC) packages and the Lightning Flow for FSC package?

A. Institutional Banking flow
B. Mortgage flow
C. Insurance flow
D. Retail Banking flows
E. Commercial Banking flow

Question # 10

The Compliant Data Sharing (CDS) feature lets administrators and compliance managersconfigure advanced data-sharing rules so that they can improve compliance with regulations and company policies.Which three things should be considered when implementing CDS in Financial ServicesCloud (FSC)?

A. To disable CDS for an object, any Participant Roles associated with that object must bedeleted first.
B. CDS in FSC allows record owners to grant access to their records to other FSC users.
C. CDS can only be applied to FSC objects and Account and Opportunity objects.
D. To get the benefits of CDS, administrators must set organization-wide sharing settingsfor supported objects to the Private access model.
E. Users above the record owner in the Role Hierarchy and non-record owners with Editaccess granted through CDS have the same ability/access as record owners,