ASQ CSSBB Exam Dumps

ASQ CSSBB Exam Dumps

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

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Update Date : April 13, 2024
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ASQ CSSBB Sample Question Answers

ASQ CSSBB Sample Questions

Question # 1

At a particular time, three components are in parallel and each has a reliability of 0.98. What is the reliability of the system?

A. 0.98
B. 0.94
C. 0.37
D. 0.26
E. none of the above

Question # 2

A process using a p-chart has pbar = 0.076 and nbar = 4.86. Find the control limits.

A. 0.069 and 0.083
B. 0.072 and 0.080
C. 0.040 and 0.112
D. 0.0756 and 0.0764
E. none of the above

Question # 3

A process shows the following number of defects. Each sample size for this process is85. 3 8 2 7 7 6 8 8 9 5What control chart should be used?

A. x-bar and R
B. median
C. individual and moving range
D. p
E. np
F. c
G. u
H. none of the above

Question # 4

Find the value of b or b0:

A. 3.33
B. –3.33
C. 4.08
D. –4.08
E. 1.24
F. –1.24

Question # 5

A set of data from a process has 8 readings per sample and 50 samples. The mean of the 50 sample means is 12.62. The mean of the 50 ranges is 0.18.Find the control limits for a median chart.

A. 12.52 and 12.72
B. 12.54 and 12.70
C. 0.02 and 0.33
D. none of the above

Question # 6

This QFD matrix was used in the design process for a ball point pen. What symbol is appropriate for the square labeled 10?

D. none of the above

Question # 7

What percent of population falls below the lower specification limits?

A. 9.18%
B. 22.66%
C. 6.68 %
D. 1.83%

Question # 8

The team development stage characterized by expression of individual opinions and ideas often without regard for team objectives is known as:

A. performing
B. norming
C. conflicting
D. storming
E. brainstorming

Question # 9

This QFD matrix was used in the design process for a ball point pen. What symbol is appropriate for the square labeled 6?  

D. none of the above 

Question # 10

The test statistic is approximately:

A. 4.79
B. 6.71
C. 2.08
D. 5.44