Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Exam Dumps

Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Exam Dumps

Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer (SP24)

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Update Date : July 15, 2024
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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Sample Question Answers

Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A user wants to leverage a three columnlayout on a page. The user also wants to move themini-cart widget from the right to the center column. How can this requirement be fulfilled?

A. Gross Layout Override
B. Subscriber Template
C. Page Include
D. HandleBar Template Override

Question # 2

Which event should be triggered when user facing info, warning or error messagesneed to be displayed on a Visualforce page?

A. showMessage
B. displayPageMessage
C. displayMessage
D. pageMessage

Question # 3

Which three statements are true regarding event handling in the Salesforce B2BCommerce managed package? (3 answers)

A. Salesforce B2B Commerce relies on a series of Javascript click listener events.
B. Writing directly to your own custom Backbone JS Views and Models automaticallyintegrates that data into the Salesforce B2B Commerce Backbone Views and Models.
C. Salesforce B2B Commerce relies on a central event channel for communication acrossvarious Salesforce B2B Commerce Backbone Views and Models called CCRZ.pubSub.
D. CCRZ.pubSub defines the following three functions which can be used for eventhandling: trigger, on, and once.
E. CCRZ.pubSub extends the Backbone.Events JavaScript object.

Question # 4

What is the recommended method for increasing the number of required autocompletecharacters that are typed before autocomplete works?

A. Override and extend the autoComplete method in cc_hk_Catalog.
B. Override theautoComplete.search_input.minLength value in the CCRZ.uiProperties file
C. Override the autocomplete template and create and register a new handlebars helper.
D. Update the...minLength property in CC Admin, then build and activate a new cache.

Question # 5

In which three ways should useful debugging information in Salesforce B2BCommerce implementation be garnered? (3 answers) A) Enabling the logging token via

A. Admin andsubsequently inspecting the logs via the browser console.
B. Logging a case with Salesforce support to enable advanced debugging options.
C. Enabling debugging options for the current user and visually inspecting the Salesforcedebug logs.
D. Placing a System.debug() statement anywhere in the class being debugged.
E. Logging into the community as a system administrator to identify any potentialpermissions or Visualforce exceptions.

Question # 6

A developer is trying to troubleshoot why a field is not displaying on the Product DetailPage. What should be typed in the Developer Tools Console in the browser to view thefields available for the Product Detail Page?

A. CCRZ.productSearchView
B. CCRZ.cartView
C. CCRZ.productDetailModel
D. CCRZ.productDetailView

Question # 7

Which two steps are necessary to enable Salesforce B2B Commercelogging in the managed package?

A. Ensure you save a value in the Logging Token input field in the Global Settings sectionof CC Admin.
B. Turn On theCheckbox "Cloudcraze Logging" in CC Admin.
C. Ensure the value saved in the Logging token field is appended to the ccLog queryparameter.
D. Set a cookie with the Id of the user accessing the storefront in CC Admin

Question # 8

What are two guidelines for logging that are used within the core SalesforceB2B Commerce product? (2 answers)

A. Items or data within computational intensive loops shouldbe logged.
B. The close method of ccrz.ccLog must be called at the end of the remote action.
C. No calls to ccrz.ccLog can be made before cc_CallContext.initRemoteContext is executed.
D. It is okay to log any data on the server that is already logged on the client side.

Question # 9

The ccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface apex class, HTMLHead Include Begin and HTML HeadInclude End Cloudcraze Page Include sections allow additional content to be added to theHTML <head> tag. What are two reasons that is it preferred to use theccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface extension over the Cloudcraze Page Include sections? (2answers)

A. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in <span> tags.
B. HTML does not support <div> tags inside the <head>
C. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in tags.
D. HTML does not support <span> tags inside the <head>

Question # 10

What are the templating, Javascript, and CSS frameworks what the cloudcraze managedpackage leverages?

A. Angularjs, Backbonejs, and handlebarsjs
B. Bootstrap, Backbonejs, and handlebarsjs
C. Bootstrap, Angularjs, and Backbonejs
D. Angularjs, react.js, and handlebarsjs

Question # 11

Which Global JavaScript Object should be extended whenwriting custom Remote Actions?

B. CCRZ.cc
C. CCRZ.cc_CallContext
D. CCRZ.RemoteInvocation

Question # 12

When a user buys 10 units of product B, the user wants 1 unit of Product A to beautomatically added to the cart. How can this requirement be fulfilled?

A. Override the AllowCheckout method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension
B. Override the prepareForSave method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension
C. Override the preprocess method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension
D. Override the prepareToAdd method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension

Question # 13

A Developer created a custom field that a project wants to expose on a given page.How does the Developer ensure that the field is available to display on a given page?

A. Override the Service Class that the page uses and update the ServiceManagementin CCAdmin for the given storefront to use this new Service Class.
B. Override the Logic Class that the page uses and update the Service Management inCCAdmin for the given storefront to use this new Service Class
C. Create a new Service Classthat the page uses and update the Service Managementin CCAdmin for the given storefront to use this new Service Class
D. Create a new Logic Class that the page uses and update the Service Managementin CCAdmin for the given storefront to use this new Service Class

Question # 14

Which cookie stores the effective account ID when effective account is enabled?

A. apex__cclgtkn
B. apex__effacc
C. apex__currCartId
D. apex__cc_anonymous_Country

Question # 15

A user wants the pricing to reflect the price values stored in an external ERP duringthe checkoutflow. In what way can this requirement be satisfied?

A. Override the computePricingCart method in ccrz.cc_api_PriceAdjustoment and makethe callout in this method.
B. None of the above
C. Override the computePricingReview method in ccrz.cc_CartExtension and make thecallout in this method.
D. Override the computePricingCart methos in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension and make thecallout in this method.

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