Salesforce CRT-450 Exam Dumps

Salesforce CRT-450 Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (SP24)

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Update Date : July 15, 2024
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Salesforce CRT-450 Sample Question Answers

Salesforce CRT-450 Sample Questions

Question # 1

The initial valuefor a number field on a record is 1. A user updated the value of the numberfield to 10. This action invokes a workflow field update, which changes the value of thenumber field to 11. After the workflow field update, an update trigger fires.What is the valueof the number field of the object that is obtained from Trigger.old?

A. Null 
B. 11 
C. 1 
D. 10 

Question # 2

A developer runs the following anonymous code block:List<Account> acc = [SELECT IdFROM Account LIMIT 10];Deleteacc;Database.emptyRecycleBin(acc);system.debug(Limits.getDMLStatements()+ ‘, ‘ +Limits.getLimitDMLStatements());What is the result? 

A.11, 150 
B. 150, 2 
C. 150, 11 
D. 2, 150 

Question # 3

On which object can an administrator create a roll-up summary field?

A. Any object that is on the master side of a master-detail relationship. 
B. Any object that is on the parent side of a lookup relationship. 
C. Any object that is on the detail side of a master-detail relationship. 
D. Any object that is on the child side of a lookup relationship. 

Question # 4

Which component is available to deploy using Metadata API? Choose 2 answers

A. Case Layout 
B. Account Layout 
C. Case Feed Layout 
D. ConsoleLayout 

Question # 5

A platform developer needs to write an apex method that will only perform an action if arecord is assigned to a specific record type. Which two options allow the developer todynamically determine the ID of the required record type by its name? Choose 2 answers

A. Use the getrecordtypeinfosbydevelopername() method in the describesobjectresult class 
B. Make an outbound web services call to the SOAP API 
C. Execute a SOQL query on the recordtype object 
D. Hardcore the ID as a constant in an apex class 

Question # 6

A visualforce interface is created for CaseManagement that includes both standard andcustom functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension. Thevisualforce page should include which <apex:page> attribute(s) to correctly implementcontroller functionality?

A. StandardController = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension" 
B. Extensions=" myControllerExtension" 
C. Controller=" myControllerExtension" 
D. Controller = "case" and extensions =" myControllerExtension" 

Question # 7

What is a capability of formula fields? (Choose 3)

A. Generate a link using the HYPERLINK function to a specific record ina legacy system. 
B. Display the previous values for a field using the PRIORVALUE function. 
C. Return and display a field value from another object using the VLOOKUP function. 
D. Determine if a datetime field has passed using the NOW function. 
E. Determinewhich of three different images to display using the IF function. 

Question # 8

An Account trigger updates all related Contacts and Cases each time an Account is savedusing the following two DML statements:updateallContacts; update allCases;What is the result if the Case update exceeds the governor limit for maximum number ofDML records?

A. The Account save succeeds, Contacts are updated, but Cases are not. 
B. The Account save fails and no Contacts or Cases are updated 
C. The Account save is retried using a smaller trigger batch size. 
D. The Account save succeeds and no Contacts or Cases are updated 

Question # 9

Which two roll-up summary field types are required to find the average of values on detailrecords in a Master-Detail relationship?

A. Roll-up summary field of type COUNT 
B. Roll-up summary field of type SUM 
C. Roll-up summary field of type NUM 
D. Roll-up summary field of type TOTAL 

Question # 10

What is the proper process for an Apex Unit Test

A. Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Call the method being tested. Verify that theresults are correct. 
B. Query for test data using SeeAllData = true. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that theresults are correct. 
C. Create data for testing. Execute runAllTests(). Verify that the results are correct. 
D. Create data for testing. Call the method being tested. Verify that the results are correct. 

Question # 11

A developer wants tostore a description of a product that can be entered on separate linesby a user during product setup and later displayed on a Visualforce page for shoppers.Which field type should the developer choose to ensure that the description will besearchable inthe custom Apex SOQL queries that are written?

A. Text Area (Rich) 
B. Text Area (Long) 
C. Text 
D. Text Area 

Question # 12

What is a benefit of the lightning component framework?

A. Better integration with Force.com sites 
B. Better performance for custom Salesforce1 Mobile Apps 
C. More Centralized control via server-side logic 
D. More pre-built components to replicate the salesforce look and feel 

Question # 13

A developer created a Visualforce page with a custom controller to show a list of accounts.The page uses the <apex:SelecList> component, with a variable called "selection", to showthe valid values for Account.Type. The page uses an <apex:pageBlockTable> componentto display the list of accounts, where the iteration variable is "acct". The developer wants toensure that when a user selects a type on the <apex : selectList> component, onlyaccounts with that type are shown on the page. What should the developer do toaccomplish this?

A. Use the onChange event to update the list of accounts inthe controller when the valuechanges, and then re-render the pageBlockTable. 
B. Create multiple lists in the controller that represent the relevant accounts for eachaccount type when the page loads, then reference the correct one dynamically on thepageBlockTable. 
C. Add the Rendered={!Acct.type==selection} attribute to the pageBlockTable component 
D. Create a component for each option and use a variable with hide parameter on theelement. 

Question # 14

A candidate may apply to multiple jobs at the company Universal Containers by submttinga single application per job posting. Once an application is submitted fora job posting, thatapplication cannot be modified to beresubmitted to a different job posting.What can the administrator do to associate anapplication with each job posting in the schema for the organization?

A. Create a master-detail relationship inthe Job Postings custom object to the Applicationscustom object. 
B. Create a master-detail relationship in the Application custom object to the Job Postingscustom object. 
C. Create a lookup relationship on both objects to a junction object called Job PostingApplications. 
D. Create a lookup relationship in the Applications custom object to the Job Postingscustom object 

Question # 15

Which two automation tools include a graphical designer? Choose 2 answers

A. Approvals 
B. Flow builder 
C. Process builder 
D. Workflows 

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